3 Delusions About SEO

Search engine optimization has been around for a long time now. It has become incredibly popular because search engines have been advancing rapidly due to the incredible growth of the internet. The last few years have been witness to significant evolution in SEO, or the science of ranking in the search engines. And when something grows huge, there is a lot of misinformation floating around that you should aware of. Many of the stories associated with SEO appear to be quite real and frightening, but they are nothing more than myths. In this article we will be discussing some of these common myths and debunk them.

A very common yet peculiar SEO myth is that PPC ads will affect the performance of your site in the organic listings. This is absolutely not true. A lot of people believe that they can affect the ranking of their site in the SERPs by running PPC ads. What you need to keep in mind is that PPC and SERP rankings have no influence on each other. This is why it is a mistake to spend money on PPC based on the assumption that your site will rank better. What you should focus on, instead, to make sure your site's rank increases is building backlinks and adding quality content. You should use common sense to judge the validity of this myth. The notion that each of your pages should be devoted to optimizing only one keyword is another SEO myth that needs to be addressed. This idea that every more info page should only be optimized for one key phrase is something that many internet marketers believe, but it is simply not true. Website owners who use this technique believe that by making their pages highly focused, they will be ranked more highly by the search engines. The first reason why this doesn't make any real sense is that it's not easy to write a page about just one keyword phrase with a natural flow. And secondly, you're just wasting the page when you could have added more keywords. What is the point of targeting a single keyword when the same page could be optimizing several keyword phrases? The truth is, you are better off using as many keyword phrases as you can on an optimized page. This will bring you more quality traffic. Your traffic seldom comes from just one keyword, but usually from several, as you can verify by doing web analytics. So it's better for your search engine rank to optimize for multiple phrases.

Another fallacy many believe has an important effect on your SERP rankings is the need to frequently update your site. While adding new content and updating your website regularly will not affect your search engine rankings, at the same time it will lead to spiders crawling your site more often. Therefore, you don't want to update your site with forced changes just for the benefit of the search engines. It won't have any major impact on them. A little searching will reveal that many top ranking websites in popular niches haven't been updated in ages.

Search engine optimization is something that will take you some time to get good at. You may want to find some trusted sources of information on this subject for when you find yourself getting confused about something. As you keep trying, you may make mistakes here and there but your knowledge will increase until you are able to get your sites ranked well in the search engines.

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